Written Body Language
Written Inc. uses the 150 year old science of handwriting analysis to uncover your innate capabilities, talents and personality hang-ups. Although it might seem strange, your handwriting is an automatic expression of your body language. It's controlled by your brain in a similar way as an angry facial expression. You don't think about it, it just happens and it's an accurate expression of your current mood. We call it "Written Body Language".

Although we don't ask you a single question, we can tell you if you're creative, sarcastic, ethical, immature, proactive, indecisive, stubborn, manipulative, non-committal, arrogant, mean, aggressive, and overly aggressive and many more. This is why Awareness Insight is so helpful; it reveals personality traits normally out of reach of other personality assessment methods. Questionnaire based assessments are useful; but they cannot identify the source of your unhappiness; fortunately, we can. They deal with your conscious mind; we deal with your subconscious brain.

Do you need to ask if they're angry, when their body language indicates imminent aggression?

Who is Written Inc?

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Incorporated in 2005; we have been providing
self-awareness to thousands of satisfied customers.

Written Inc. just added four new products to meet specific needs. All of these new products use the Written Inc. Handwriting Analysis Engine, but each have a unique purpose and deliver a different type of report.

Written Insight was designed for people that want to know something about another person. It could be a lover, a work colleague or a celebrity. Since the handwriting sample is usually a note, birthday greeting or a handwritten document, no handwriting Sample Collection Form is used. The sample could be as small as a “sticky note”, however we look for handwriting markers in the sample and if the sample is too short then the report is likely to be short. That is why it is best to use our standard Sample Collection Form.

Relationship Insight was designed for Match Makers. This is a concise report containing a person’s strengths and weaknesses at the conscious and subconscious level. It’s simple, hard-hitting and accurate; enabling match-making companies to know if they are matching Beauty with a horrible Beast. Personality traits like intelligent, creative, proactive, ethical and compassionate are nice to know; however, knowing if a person is moody, unable to commit, defiant, deceptive, mean and sadistic, sarcastic and like to act out on the anger they feel, are critical. They use this report as a starting point; if their candidate has an unusual personality trait they know where to begin their investigation.

Twilight Saga Insight is for people that want to know how they match to the major characters in the movie series. When you have your handwriting analyzed, you can compare your personality to theirs at the conscious and subconscious level. This report is now in work and is expected to be released in the fall of 2011.

Written Inc. began development of Candidate Insight a new handwriting analysis technique in 1999; its accuracy was so outstanding it became a necessary hiring tool for several companies. Businesses interested in knowing if their candidate is aggressive, angry, mean, violent, etc. needed a tool to help avoid hiring bad or dangerous employees.

About five years ago we added our Salesperson Insight product, with an emphasis on body language and self improvement. We associated personality traits to body language so a salesperson could see how their body language might be impacting their ability to sale. Although we did not discuss selling techniques; we did tell them how their personality might be interpreted by their customer.

Awareness Insight is our latest product; designed primarily to increase self-awareness; it is used by anyone that wants to improve their personality.  These are job seekers that want to make a good first impression, a manger wanting to avoid making irrational or emotional decisions or someone that simply wants to improve their personality.

Our goal is to make people happier by increasing their self-awareness.  In essence you will be able to see yourself from the other person's perspective; which can be one of the strongest motivators for change and self improvement.